The Most Cost Effective Heating Systems

The most cost-effective heating systems actually vary by region and the type of fuel systems available in your area. What may be inexpensive in one area of the country, could be more in another, due to the availability of that type of system or the fuel required to power the system. There are actually several different formulas out there that can help you determine the most effective heating source for your area. Typically, energy sites and state and country energy saving sites have the best calculations for finding the perfect energy source for your winter heating needs.

However, there are also a few heating systems that are universally efficient and cost effective for most areas of the world. All of these systems use widely available heating fuels and have many different versions of efficient models and sizes for use in residential homes all over the world. For a system that maximizes the most cost-efficiency and heating effectiveness, try wall-based radiant heating systems, which maximize the efficiency of the energy used to use your home.

Radiant heating

Radiant heating is a method of heating your home with radiant heating technology. Radiant heating is cost effective because not only is it inexpensive to run, but it can also save on heating costs because of the radiant heating technology that it uses to warm objects in a room, rather than the air itself. Typically, there are multiple methods for radiant heating, including wall heating radiant units installed near the baseboards of your home and radiant floor heating, which works to warm your home from the ground up. Radiant heating systems can be powered with a variety of heat sources, including wood, natural gas, electricity, and even coal. If you have an existing house that uses another heating system, installing a wall radiant heating system can be a cost effective method to reduce the amount of money you spend on heating your home each winter.

Natural gas

In much of the world, natural gas heating systems are also highly cost effective. Natural gas is widely available around the world, and much of the gas is inexpensive, although there have been some price hikes in recent years. Natural gas also has the advantage of a higher level of environmentally friendliness than some other fuel sources, such as coal or electric power. Natural gas can power a variety of heating systems, including baseboard radiant systems and heated air systems.

Ground source heat pumps

A ground source heat pump is an unusual heating source that works differently from most heating systems. The heat pump is located under the ground, which has a more stable temperature than that of outside air. Locating the heat pump in the ground reduces the amount of energy required to heat the air to a warmer temperature. This can save a lot of money in areas where the outside air temperature is significantly cooler than the desired home temperature.

Electric heating

Electric heating can be cost effective in certain parts of the world. In places with milder winters, electric heating can be more cost-effective than other systems because the heater is contained in the same unit as the air conditioner. With no need for a separate system, a homeowner can save on the cost of operating a separate unit. Electric heating systems are best for areas where the outside temperature is usually within 30 to 40 degrees of the desired inside temperature. Electric heating is also available in nearly every area of the world, which can help lower usage prices. An electric system will save the most money in a well-insulated house with a sealed duct system.

All of these heating methods can help a homeowner save money throughout the heating season. Depending on the location of your home, different heating systems may be more cost effective than others. In general, wall-based radiant heating is one of the most cost-effective heating methods no matter where you live, and is capable of heating a home in arctic temperatures just as well as a house in a mild climate.

This is a guest post by John Millington. John currently represents UnderfloorHeating1 a leading specialist in wet and electric underfloor heating. If you are interested in installing a new heating system a wall heating radiant may be suitable.

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